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EPISODE 60: Millionaires Should Pay $20 For Coffee

w/ Sophia Benoit



Full Court Press: GQ Columnist Sophia Benoit Joins Mike & Adam to Bring a Unique Perspective to Basketball

At HORSE's core is the belief that all types of people can enjoy the NBA for whatever reason most appeals to them. In a very special Full Court Press, Sophia Benoit shares her love of the game, which mainly centers around Jimmy Butler being an absolutely fascinating and inspiring person.

3-on-3: The Three Best and Three Worst NBA Finals in Adam’s Lifetime

Sometimes the NBA Finals can be the most electric clashes of the basketball titans. Other times, it's less interesting than rewatching another series of the Great British Bake-Off. Adam shares his picks for the best and the worst of the NBA Finals in his lifetime.

That Actually Happened: The Time NBA Referees Rigged the 2002 Western Conference Finals 

In the 2002 NBA Playoffs, the Sacramento Kings were about to do the unthinkable: defeat the Lakers and stop their dreams of a three-peat. Well, many speculate the NBA did not want this to happen and used referees to ensure it didn't. Mike shares this conspiracy.

Kobe Elbows Bibby in the Nose

Bad Foul Compilation

And also: Bitch-Ass Draco Malfoy, Al Horford’s Beautiful Eyelashes, Drishti, Big Face Coffee vs Little Face Coffee, The Power of Dating Eva Longoria, Therapist Shoutouts, Nut Punches, LeBron’s Hairline, Dyed Frosted Tips, “Company Men”, Scot Pollard’s Hurt Feelings, The Declaration of Interference 



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Blaseball: “Blaseball is baseball at your mercy. Baseball perfected. Our players are inhuman. They play day and night. Rain or shine. They never grow sick. They never tire.”

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