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EPISODE 61: Kazaam Was NOT a Documentary 

w/ Jeff Pearlman



Full Court Press: The Seattle Storm are Champions! (Oh, and so are the Lakers)

In the bubble, a 17-year veteran leading their team with the help of a prolific post player reigned supreme, taking home their 4th league championship. Yes, we're talking about Sue Bird. Oh, yeah, LeBron won too.

3-on-3 Draft: The Most Iconic Moments from Sue Bird’s Career

Sue Bird's career is so illustrious that you cannot even capture Wikipedia's list of accolades with one screenshot. The HORSE Boys pick the best moments of her career, both on the court and beyond.

Sue Bird gets ANGRY

Sue Bird catches fire

The Sue Bird Move

A Interview With: Jeff Pearlman, Author of Three-Ring Circus: Kobe, Shaq, Phil, and the Crazy Years of the Lakers Dynasty

After 60 episodes of finding excuses to talk about Shaq, we've finally brought along someone who literally wrote the book on Shaq. Author Jeff Pearlman joins to tell Mike and Adam about Shaq's most dominant era.

Shaq and The General

And also: The KFC Yum! Center, Big Ol’ Chunks of Meat, Washington’s State Bird, L’Chaim to Larry Bird, The Joys of Extra Legroom, Sheryl Swooping In, Anthropomorphic Rocks, The Sue Bird Move, Attila the Hun, The General, Big Shot Bob, Giving History a Handjob



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