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EPISODE 102: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Green Hair, Can’t Lose



Full Court Press: NBA Playoffs Recap - And Then There Were Four!

The NBA Playoffs have entered the Conference Finals stage after a disappointing collapse by the Suns and some spicy semifinals series. The HORSE Boys talk about the matchups ahead and more!

That Actually Happened: Is Jimmy Butler Michael Jordan’s Son?! (Spoiler Alert: He’s Not)

One of the more wild and recent NBA conspiracy theories is that the "G" in "Jimmy G. Buckets" stands for GOAT Jr. That's right, there's a rumor that his dad is Michael Jordan. Adam addresses the validities of this claim.

Stacey King goes wild (and perhaps sets this all up?!)

3-on-3: The Three Best Now-Defunct NBA/WNBA Team Names

As we go on... we remember... that some old NBA and WNBA team names... were truly absurd...

And also: Likable Luka, Boring Blowouts, Marcus Smart’s Hair, Basketball Jesus Christ, TOBIAS HARRIS OVER ME??!!, Zeus The Dog, The Dolan Arena, Rocking Chairs, Utah Starzzzzz, Connecticut Cardigans, Cashmere Considerations, Shot Towers, K-Pop Fans, Richard Nixon, Muckraking 

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