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EPISODE 101: It’s Tough Out Here Being Short            (with Jordan Ligons)



Full Court Press: JJ Redick Owning People & NBA Playoff Recap

JJ Redick retired from the NBA last season, but has emerged as an analyst butterfly and is truly beginning to spread his wings. Speaking of wings, the NBA playoffs are SPICY. The HORSE Boys discuss. 

An Interview With: HORSE’s Official WNBA Correspondent Jordan Ligons

Jordan is back, meaning it's time to walk WNBA! She was at the draft, she's tuned into the landscape of the league, and she's been doing amazing work in the basketball world. So many fun things to cover!

Gary Payton Injury ***WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK***-
Steve Kerr Comments on Gary Payton Injury-
Minnesota Protestor Tackled-
John Oliver On Shaq's Strategy To Save Money On Gas-
Jordan Ligons Photo With Lisa Leslie-
Tacko Fall with TracyWolfson-
Boban Marjanović with Kristin Chenoweth-
Jordan Ligons with Jordan Brand-

And also: Shark Tank, Mono Ginobili, Big Ole Chicken Coops, Gorilla Glue, The HORSE 5 Timers Club, Cock Puns, Kenny Smith’s Knees, The Orange Carpet, Basketball Earrings, Shakira, Kristen Bell, Kangaroo Melbourne, Commemorative Cowboy Boots, Divorce Registries, The Volkswagen Taurasi, Thank You Shoes, Momsode  

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