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EPISODE 100: The Three HORSE Boys Are In The Stable



Full Court Press: WNBA Draft & NBA Play-In/Playoffs Get Spicy

The WNBA Draft happened (but more on that later) and the Playoffs have started off with fire!

A HORSE Special: Eric Returns To Draft The Most HORSE Teams Possible

One hundred total episodes is a WILD ACCOMPLISHMENT, so we celebrated by getting OG HORSE Boy Eric back in the mix for a fantasy draft of rosters that best represent the podcast!

Klay Thompson Scaffolding Interview:
Serge Ibaka Interviews Klay Thompson About His Dog Rocco:

Magic Johnson’s Basic-Ass Tweets:

HBO’s Winning Time:

Charles Barkley Rants About The Suns:

Inside The NBA Makes Fun of T-Wolves Celebration:

Lusia Harris Documentary:

LeBron James Vine Kid Intros Cavs:

Whistleblower Podcast About Tim Donaghy:

Gary Vider Sports Illustrated Article:

Gary Vider Horse Interview:

Tim Kitzrow (NBA Jam Voice) Interview:

And also: 70% Masala Chai, Struttin’ Peacocks, Non-Intimidating Mascots, Jade Melbourne, Not On Herb, Shrug Emojis, Hullabaloo & Hoodwinking, Doja Cat Concerts, Sacred Wood, The Leprechaun Curse, Cock Puns, Chocolate Milk Stan, Boat Guys, Sperry’s, Knuckleheads, Demar “Rozen”, Sue Bird Sandwich, Pitchers Of Shirley Temples, Adam Sandler’s Baggy Gym Shorts, Human Thesaurus, Sniping And Griping, Perforated Trading Cards, Shaq/Kobe Food Fight, WAY OFF, Two Birds, Big Head Mode, Bing Bong, The White Mamba, Wedding Cakes, Paul Pierce’s Butt, Steve Kerr: Expert Blunt Roller, The Warner Brothersverse

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