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EPISODE 99: Rooting Guide For The 2022 NBA Playoffs



A HORSE Special: A Team-By-Team NBA Playoffs Fan Rooting Guide

Don't know who to root for this NBA postseason? Don't worry! The HORSE Boys go through every team so you can see which HORSE you'd like to back in the race for the title!

Matisse Thybulle's YouTube Channel:
Giannis' Adorable Children:

And also: Floppy Bed Boys, Lusia Harris, Fresh Prints, CONGRATS SAL TESTA, Steven Adams/Jason Momoa, Big Head (Face) Coffee, K Pop Fans, Addictive Yawns, Dallas Sucks, The Time Lord, Whiplash, Ear Contusions, BrooklyKnight, Not On Herb, Fiesta Jerseys, Cherry Blossoms, Big Goob, Chai & Paratha, #SEERED  

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