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EPISODE 110: I Guess There's No Wind Indoors



Full Court Press: WNBA Playoffs Recap, Sue Bird Send-off & Donovan Mitchell Trade

Just gonna say it right now, too many emotions going on for Schubes right now. It's a whirlwind. 

Untold And 1 Documentary:
Savannah Bananas:
Harlem Globetrotters:

That Actually Happened: Adam Attended His First WNBA Game! 


Fletcher, Tad, and Prescott joke: Luna umbrella balancing: Copper Doordash Drama:

3-on-3: The Three Shortest and Three Farthest NBA Franchise Relocations

Inspired by Mike's hectic move, here's some of the most hectic NBA franchise moves. Surprisingly, the closer ones have more drama! 

Celtics Braves Swap -

Wiki for Clippers Move

And also: Mister Softee, Mise En Scène, Magic School Bus, Clean Shaven Adam, Bo Burnham, Berrrrng, Matt Bonner AKA Red Rocket, Manti Te’o, Savannah Bananas, Twerking, Gamecocks, Eyeball Massages, Super Sense, HORSE Osmosis, Hella Waspy, Shellfish Textures, Sea Bugs, Expense Boy, Leg Juice, Terrible Signage, Bougie Food Courts, Red Panda, Little Dippers, Jonathan Doordash, Dick Versace, Giant Bass Pro Shops, Joel Osteen, Atlantic Yards, Megabus, Hug Bill Walton

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