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EPISODE 111: It Has The Juice Is What I’m Told
(w/ Aaron Edwards)



Full Court Press: Robert Sarver Sucks & The Aces Win The WNBA Finals 

Server is a piece of trash, thankfully he's selling the team. What a loser. You know who's not losers? THE ACES.

The Story Behind Alyssa Thomas' jump shot-
Chelsea Gray highlights-
Aces full drunken press conference-
Aces press conference highlights-

An Interview With: Aaron Edwards, Comedian, Writer and Phoenix Suns Podcaster 

The Suns have had a wild past few seasons and offseason filled with ups and downs... LIKE A RISING AND SETTING SUN! Aaron gives us his PHX fan perspective on these years.

7 seconds or less Suns- Walton on Boris Diaw-

And also: Final Bosses, PhD Math Graduates, Big Tab Guys, Hillary Clinton, Smurf Turf, Eclipseseses, CONE!!!, Lady Grizzlies, Bear Concerns, This Ain’t It, Shit-Filled Shoes, Sadness Tacos Vs Celebration Tacos, 7 Seconds or Less, The Eddy Curry Days, Classical Human Beings, Vivaldi, Jack Harlow’s IG Story, Suns In 4, Corn Kid, Cryogenic Freezing Chambers, God-Mode Luka, Stale Nachos, Kyrie NBA Twitter, BIG Mad, Continuity Errors, Liking Butts, NBA Venmo, Green Accounting Visors

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