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EPISODE 112: How Do Your Insides Feel?



Full Court Press: The Ime Udoka Firing, NBA Preseason/FIBA women's, and VICTOR WEMBANYAMA 

Bad news followed by good news on the women's hoops front followed by two flavors of speculative NBA news!

Mike at Aaron Judge's #62 Game -
Fan Jumping for #62 -
Adam visits Wrigley Field -

Adam talks to Joe Maddon -

Ime Judoka Article -

3-on-3: The Three Best And Worst Defunct NBA/WNBA Team Names

Not every team or team name can last forever, and though some or gone, Adam won't let the best or the worst be forgotten

Indianapolis Olympians -

Portland Fire -

Providence Steamrollers -

Steamrollers Dog -

STL Bombers -

CLE Rockers -

CLE Rebels -

That Actually Happened: Two Historic Games Happened on the Same Night in 2016

April of 2016 had two historical moments, one team-based and one individual-based, happen on the same night. It was a wild evening of basketball and Schubes recaps the absurdity!

Flea Anthem -

Fergie Anthem -

Kobe Ending -

And also: Aaron Judge Hits 62, Tommy Lasagna, MLB Lifetime Pass, Oofa Doofa, Basketball Body Lotion, Nutella, VCK!!!, Brooklyn Big Poppas, Drakens, Common Loons, Go-Go Dancing, Scoot Henderson, Hella Vegemite, anthem atrocities, big rock endings

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