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EPISODE 128:  We Have To Vacuum It For Security Purposes



Full Court Press: Las Vegas Aces/Ja Morant Drama, Spurs Get Wemby, and NBA Playoff Recap

Sad off-court drama, fun on-court drama, draft lottery hype, and playoff excitement!

Adam tour schedule-

Adam e-mail list signup-  

Mike’s tour schedule- 

LeBron recognizing same Warriors play- 

Adam Silver speaks on Ja Morant- 

Grimes steal vs Heat- 

Kenyon Martin hating on Julius Randle- 

3-on-3The Three Best/Worst Post-NBA Overseas Careers

Before NBA players hang it up, sometimes they go study hoops abroad. Adam recaps the best and worst examples of hoops exploration.

Dwight Howard Taiwan recruitment video- 

Magic Johnson in Scandinavia- 

Scottie Pippen in Scandinavia-  Horse 71- 

Jimmer college highlights- 

Jimmer 75 point game- 

Stephon Marbury in China- 

Stephon Marbury China highlights-

That Actually HappenedNBA Draft Lottery Behind The Curtain

In a weird spectacle, the NBA makes a show of the worst teams learning their fate which is determined by a set of fourteen ping pong balls. It's absurd in all the best ways.

Lowe Article 1:

Lowe Article 2:

Lowe Article 3 -

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