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EPISODE 71: Let Me See Your 1, 2 HORSE



Full Court Press: NBA All-Star Weekend, COVID Scares & Trade Deadline Talk 

The NBA All-Star Weekend happened, which wasn't a good idea to begin with, and players were removed due to contact tracing, proving our point! The HORSE boys discuss this, the Blake Griffin trade, and the looming NBA trade deadline.

Hand Sanitizer Cam


That Actually Happened: Dennis Rodman Is Best Friends With a Dictator

Just when you think The Worm can't get any wilder, he goes and becomes BFFs with Kim Jong Un. Adam recaps the development of what certainly is the most bizarre friendship imaginable.

Rodman Article

Rodman Video


3-on-3: The Three Best & Worst Statistical Performances from the Space Jam Game

When it comes to the greatest performances ever to take place on a basketball court, the undisputed pinnacle of the sport is the game in Space Jam. Schubes takes a deeper look into this game to cover the best and worst individual performances during the iconic clash between the Tune Squad and the Monstars.

Box Score

And also: The KFC Yum Skills Challenge, Kolaches & Breakfast Tacos, Casa Schube Hotel, The Hand Sanitizer Cam, The Toppin, Knocking on Christian Wood, N64’s Golden Eye, 38 Under Par, Joseph Terwilliger, Hawaain Shirts and Military Fatigues, Al-G Rhythm, The Goon Squad, Mr. Swackhammer, Chris’s Secret Stuff



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