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EPISODE 134:  Dress Like You’re In *NSYNC



Full Court Press: Liz Cambage Drama, WNBA Update, and Steph Curry Sings With Paramore

The Liza Camabage downfall tour continues, the WNBA's frontrunners separate, and Steph Curry likability has never been higher!

Adam tour schedule-     

Adam mailing list-    Mike’s tour schedule- 

Shaq’s cookbook- 

Liz Cambage update- 

Steph Curry singing with Paramore- 

Steph Curry on Hot Ones- 

Steph Curry documentary trailer- 

Steph Curry documentary- 


3-on-3: Adam’s Three Best & Three Favorite Basketball Movies

Th best and then THE BEST movies about hoops! We've. talked about performances in the past, but let's talk full films!

Hoosiers Score

That Actually Happened: A Deep Dive On Michael Jordan: Chaos In The Windy City Video Game 

Obviously when you think of Michael Jordan and video games, you think of saving the city from an evil genius scientist. Schubes tells the tale of the game that centered on that exact plot line!


Jordan vs Bird McDonald’s commercial-

And also: “Toronno”, Cooqbooq, Notes App Apologies, Kinko’s, CandACE Parker, Carson Daly, Lionel Messi, Immaculate Grids, SNES, Roster Guard #99, Jichael Mordan, Polygons, Temple Guards, Dr. Dunk, Basketball Snakes

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