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EPISODE 135:  "FWD: Stuff I Shouldn't Be Sending You



Full Court Press: Disgruntled Former NBA Employee Tweet, Knicks Sue The Raptors, and James Harden Is GRUMPY!

But maybe James is validated in his grumpiness?

Adam tour schedule-     
Adam mailing list-   
Under Cover Comic now streaming on Tubi- 
Mike’s tour schedule- 


That Actually Didn't Happen: The Greatest Pickup Game That Was Never Played

A true rapper's delight was thwarted by a lack of da lights.


Boardroom post about blackout game- 
Full article about the blackout game- ​

3-on-3: The Three Longest And Shortest NBA Trade Requests


HORSE Episode 76 where Adam talks about CP3 trade (starts at 26:16)-  
Robert Horry throws a towel at Danny Ainge- 
Danny Ainge throws the ball in Mario Elie’s face-

And also: Organic Farm To Table Tampering, NEIGHborhood, Verbal Italics, Heaven Yeah!, Helmet Catch, Nut Punch Suspension, CSI NBA, Shaquille O’Meal, Let’s Get Redacted, Beeves, Diesel Dog Mafia, Big Tree Fall Hard, Josh Hartnett, Teletubbies, Rain Man, Tiny Little Baby Boy, Big Shot Bob (Or Rob), Punchable Face, GO DAWGS!

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