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EPISODE 148: Is It Too Late Now To Drink Starry?
w/ Rafi Kohan



Full Court Press: Recapping a Boring NBA All-Star Weekend & League Pass For All!

All-Star Weekend was mostly a letdown, but thanks to a glitch, the NBA gifted many people a year of League Pass!

Adam tour schedule-     
Adam mailing list-   
Mike’s tour schedule- 

An Interview With: Rafi Kohan, Author of Trash Talk: The Only Book About Destroying Your Rivals That Isn't Total Garbage

Rafi literally wrote the book on trash talk and is here to give the HORSE Boys the ins and outs of it, as well as stories!

Rafi Kohan’s book-
Highlights from Rising Stars games-
2001 NBA All-Star game (highly recommend watching the last 20 minutes)-

And also: Sierra Mist/Surge/Citra/Baja Blast, #StarryNotStarry, Little Mole-Rat, NBA Jam, Barely Dunk Dunks, Socrates’ DM’s, Greek Invective Poetry, The Endowment Effect, “Hella Hard”, IZOF level, The Underdog Posture, Mouse In The House, Too Short, Walkman, Roast Battle, Costanza-esque, The Jerk Store, Caution Tape, Meditative Bang, Couple Of Goats, Old Heads

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