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EPISODE 149: You Sell Gravel, Just Be A Gravel Company! 



Full Court Press: The Caitlin Clark Effect, LeBron Reaches 40K Points, Clippers Rebrand

Future GOAT, current GOAT, new logo with a boat!

Adam tour schedule-     
Adam mailing list-   
Mike’s tour schedule- 
Caitlin Clark breaks the NCAA scoring record- 
LeBron reaches 40K points scored- 
Kids break into Clippers’ new stadium-

That Actually Happened: Jimmy Butler Was In A Fall Out Boy Music Video

Jimmy Butler can never retire so that this bit will never die.

Big Face Coffee bubble-
2021 media day Jimmy Butler silly pose-
2022 Jimmy Butler interview with dreads-
2023 Jimmy Butler interview with emo hair-
Jimmy Butler Rolling Stone interview-
Jimmy Butler x Fall Out Boy music video-

3-on-3: A Celebration of Hornets Commentator Eric Collins

HUM DIDDLEY DEE! HOW DO YOU DO? (this will make sense, I promise)

The supercut:

And also: Awkward Elevator Rides, Dulcet Tones, Ignominious, 1300 Toilets, Dry Erase Menus, Green Flags, Aggressive Dreadlocks, GRVL, Tomball, Emo Cowboy, Harlem Shake, Bejeweled Magic 8 Balls, Hum Diddly Dee

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