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EPISODE 18 : Gorillas. Thumbs. (Live From Portland)



Full Court Press: The NBA Dunk Contest and Mike’s Experience at the Blazers Game


All Star Weekend was in full effect and Eric and Mike had some FEELINGS about the jams during the Dunk Contest. Mike then discusses his experience at the Warriors vs. Blazers game earlier in the week, which was the most Portland a basketball game could be. 

John Collins' Failed Dunk

Shaq's Priceless Face as Hamidou Diallo Dunks Over Him

That Actually Happened: Eddie the Dunking, Autofellating Otter At Oregon Zoo Dies At 21

You read that correctly. When Eddie isn't yamming it, he's yanking it. What starts as as heartwarming tale of an otter playing basketball to alleviate his arthritic limbs becomes a much more... interesting tale. 

The Article About Eddie

3 on 3:  Three Best Tweets from the Blazers Twitter Account and Three Best Bill Walton Quotes

Mike couldn't bring himself to say anything negative about a city as lovely as Portland, so he went with two things he loves about the Rose city: the social media powerhouse that is the Blazers Twitter account and Bill Walton's bonkers quotes that he said on national television.

Bill Walton Quotes from

Mario Hezonja Looks like Mike if He Stopped His Facial Care

Basketball Coffeeshop - Deadstock

And also:  John Collins Doesn’t Have Good Friends, Otter Performance Reviews, Creative Masturbation, Oregon Zoo After Dark, Boris Diaw: Vitruvian Man, Eric’s Birthday Gift to Mike

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