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EPISODE 26 : The MenBA (with Melissa Anelli)



Full Court Press: Anthony Davis Got Traded to the Lakers For A LOT of Stuff

The Lakers wanted AD on their team so badly,  the Pelicans' Head of Basketball Scheming David Griffin worked them over. The Pels got  A LOT OF THINGS in return for a player who was going to leave anyway! The NBA doesn'ts stop after the Finals and gave us that drama we all crave.

3-on-3 Draft: The Three Best Diana Taurasi Trash Talk Moments

Diana Taurasi is very good at basketball, but she's even better at talking shit. Eric and Mike retell the tales of her best trash talking moments. Honestly, it's hard to tell what's the most terrifying: her three-point skills, her poInted words, or her bare-knuckle boxing.

That Actually Happened: Melissa Anelli Got Into Basketball This Season

CEO of Mischief Management, Melissa Anelli, added the NBA to her list of fandoms this season. She talks about her experiences as a new basketball fan, her love for Joel Embiid and the 76ers, and how three is more than two.

And also:  The San Antonio Alamos, Six Feet and Ten Inches of Chicken, Diana Taurasi: Action Movie Villain, Bear Knuckle Boxing, That Time Melissa Took Down Zach Lowe, Crying Is Good, DunKon

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