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EPISODE 27 : Steve Ballmer Mains Pikachu



Full Court Press: The First Day of Free Agency Was a FRENZY

NBA Free Agency came running out the gates last week, with a slew of signings that gave some teams new hope and other teams a feeling of despair (yes, that would be Mike's beloved New York Knicks). Though Eric and Mike differ on which team they each support, they have a newfound unity: disgust with Kyrie Irving.

3-on-3: The Wildest Pitches That Made Players Stay and The Worst Pitches That Kept Players Away

When NBA front offices create presentations to woo players to their teams, the results can be ridiculously good or simply ridiculous. Eric recaps the best and the worst free agency pitches given to prospective players, guiding us to ask the age-old question, "How would the league be different if that team didn't do that terrible thing?"

The Celtics were WAY too into Tom Brady

The Knicks Decide to Make LeBron "LeDon"

The Clippers "Retire" Blake Just Months Before Trading Him

The Kings' Owner Promises to Mow Chris Webber's Lawn

The Magic Nearly Nab Tim Duncan

That Actually Happened: The Clippers Held DeAndre Jordan Hostage So He Wouldn’t Join the Mavs

In 2015, DeAndre Jordan signed a contract with the Dallas Mavericks during Free Agency. Soon after, he had second thoughts. His previous team, the LA Clippers, pounced on the opportunity to win him back, which resulted in Emojigate. Mike recaps this absurd day in NBA Twitter history. 

All of The Eomjigate Tweets and Details

And also:  Multitude x Kevin Durant, THEEE JUMP, Woj Pronounces His Name Wrong, Rich Men Mowing Lawns, The New Ford Griffin, JPEG Emojis, Austin Rivers Is Bad at Tweeting

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