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EPISODE 28 : Optimize for Dunks



Full Court Press: Russell Westbrook Was Traded for Chris Paul and A Bunch of Future Picks

Once the Thunder traded Paul George, it was clear that Russell Westbrook would be on the move as well. Fitting for this wild offseason, it happened earlier than expected to a team that no one expected. Russ and James Harden are reunited, but will it be a sweet reunion or a new chapter of dramatic filled with tearful yelling and food fights?

3-on-3: The Three Best and Worst NBA Players Turned Rappers

A wise person once said, "All rappers want to be NBA players, and all NBA players want to be rappers." Eric takes a deep dive into the latter half of this saying, covering the worst and (somehow) the best ballers turned rappers. 

Lonzo Ball - Super Saiyan

Shaq is right here, Phife

Damian Lillard Freestyle

Kobe ft. Tyra Banks?

Steve Francis - Finer Things

Delonte West Freestyle

That Actually Happened: SlamBall Was a Real Sport (and Still Is?)

In 2002, Mason Gordon set out to create a sport that mimicked the high-flying antics of NBA JAM by putting trampolines on a basketball court and tweaking the rules to make things more intense. In peak 2002 fashion, it aired on Spike TV, featured a team called "The Diablos," and sparked a plot line on One Tree Hill.

Mason Gordon looks exactly as you would expect him to

It's easy to tell who coaches the Chicago Mob

VICE Sports feature on SlamBall

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