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EPISODE 29 : Ca$hed Out (w/ Hal Lublin)

Full Court Press: The WNBA All-Star Weekend was HYPE

Las Vegas hosted this year's WNBA All-Star Weekend and it was INCREDIBLE! Mike recaps all the best moments from the Skills Challenge, the Three Point Shootout (soon to be sponsored by Capt. Crunch) and the All-Star Game. Get your binoculars ready because Bird Watch is back!

3-on-3 Draft: The Best Folk Heroes in Basketball

Every team has their star players, but sometimes the most beloved by fans aren't the ones scoring all the points. The HORSE boys draft their choices for players that might not be the best in the league, but are all #1 in our hearts.

Han Xu Player Profile

Mike Scott Hive Tattoo Article

Overly Dramatic Steve Novak Highlight Reel

That Actually Happened: Hal Lublin Made It Through The Process

Mike and Eric sit down with longtime Sixers fan Hal Lublin to break down the past, present and future of Philly basketball. Hal covers the highs and lows of his fandom, from Bump & Thump to The Process and everything in between. 

And also:  SLOOT, Scallengers, Howard Dean, The NBA Easter Bunny, Bump & Thump, The Man in Mike’s Shoes

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