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EPISODE 30: Say No to White Samurais

Full Court Press: Brittney Griner and More Suspended for a WNBA Brawl

A scuffle turned into a full-fledged fight in a game between the Phoenix Mercury and the Dallas Wings, resulting in five players receiving suspensions. Brittney Griner, the main aggressor, got upset with the league and male talking heads, unsurprisingly, talked about the situation condescendingly.

That Actually Happened: Michael Jordan Was Nearly Seriously Injured by a Samurai at An Evangelical Prison Show

Just before Michael Jordan became MICHAEL JORDAN, he was chosen to be a part of an interesting off-campus demonstration through the University of North Carolina. His rise to stardom began just prior to the event, and his life nearly ended at the event. 

3-on-3: The 3 Most Ridiculous Premises and Quotes from ESPN’s SportsScience

When not showing live games or recapping scores from around the leagues, ESPN takes a stab at original programming. One such show, SportsScience, sets out to demonstrate the physical prowess of athletes. However, the show raises far more questions than it answers and simply ridiculous. 

Westbrook Force

Tatum Armor

Lonzo Car

Giannis Da Vinci

Copperhead Kyrie

Night Vision Klay

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