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EPISODE 41: A Post-Practice Commitment

Full Court Press: A1 Beef Between Jimmy Butler & TJ Warren and Kendrick Perkins & Kevin Durant

HORSE was founded upon beef between players, and we're serving up a double patty in this edition of Full Court Press. First, Eric and Schubes discuss the perplexing beef between Jimmy G. Buckets and TJ Warren. The HORSE boys then cover the Twitter feud between KD and Perk, who we thought were friends!

The Perk/KD Exchange

3-on-3: The Three Most Ridiculous Injuries and The Three Most Ridiculous Injuries Sustained By Kevin Love

We've all gotten hurt in strange and embarrassing ways before, but most of us are not professional athletes. Eric shares stories of the most bonkers injuries NBA players have sustained over the years. Sadly, so many of those feature Kevin love that he has an entire half of this 3-on-3 dedicated to him. At least he's gorgeous.

"Drunk" In (Kevin) Love

Reddit Thread of Wack Injuries

That Actually Happened: In One Game, A Ballboy Was Fired By the Celtics and Hired By the Knicks as Their Good Luck Charm

The NBA in the 90s was a wildly different time, and there is no truer testament to that than this ludicrous story Mike has unearthed. It features a ballboy getting hired, fired, and re-hired under the most absurd of circumstances. Larry Bird's pickup truck with tinted windows even makes an appearance!

Stefan Bondy's Article

Ira Barkow's Satirical Piece: A BROOM SHOULD BE FOR BROOMING

And also:  Kentavious Caldwell-Poop, #Blessed Rachel Nichols, The Great Burger War, Sir Charles vs. Sir Clapton, GO GET THE BROOM, And That Ballboy Was…, Deep State Jay-Z


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