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EPISODE 40: SexyBruinBro

Full Court Press: Former NBA Commissioner and League Shaper David Stern Passed Away

On New Year's Day, we lost David Stern. Though he wasn't always the best person, his effect on the league was clear and his responsibility in its success is undeniable. Mike and Eric talk about how he excelled as a businessman and turned the NBA from a struggling leage into the powerhouse it is today.

That Actually Happened: A College Player Was Catfished By an Entire Fanbase

Eric tells Mike the tale of Gabe Pruitt, a college basketball player at USC, was catfished by Steven Kenyon of UC Berkeley and the reveal was made during one of the biggest games of the year. This story plays like it's straight out of One Tree Hill. Truly bonkers.

The Inside Story of Cal's Prank


3-on-3: The Three Coolest and Three Weirdest Foul Shot Rituals

Troy Bolton encouraged all of us to get our heads in the game. These men answered that call in the most unique ways possible. Mike shares the best of the best and strangest of the strange in pre-free throw (pre-throw?) routines. 

Jeff Hornacek's Routine

Gilbert Arenas' Routine/LeBron Shattering Him

Rick Barry's Routine

Chuck Hayes' Routine

Looking For Freedom by David Hasselhoff

Dirk Nowitzki Singing Hasselhoff on German TV

Jason Kidd's Routine

And also:  Our First AIM Screennames, Commissioner Elementary School Teachers, DEAR, Dr. Manhattan Watches the Knicks, Frownin’ Gabe, The Mike Checks Google Maps Segment, David Hasselhoff Free Throw Shots


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