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EPISODE 39: Wacky Basketball Facts to Bounce Around (with Andrew Maraniss)

Full Court Press: The G-League Comes to Mexico City and Kings and Bucks to Participate in Events at Prisons

Starting in the 2020-2021 season, the G-League will expand to Mexico City! The HORSE boys discuss everything awesome about this development and decide what the team name should be. Next, Mike and Eric cover the NBA's announcement for its upcoming events at prisons.

G-League in Mexico City

Prison Events

3-on-3 Draft: Three Stories Expanded from Wacky Basketball Facts to Bounce Around and Three Fun Stories about Money

In a gift-giving draft, Mike gifts Eric with three deeper dives into fun facts he learned from his childhood basketball book. Eric returns the favor with three wonderful stories about money and the NBA, and he ends the segment with a special surprise for Mike!

Lisa Leslie's 101-Point Game

Spurs Water Cannon Soaks Fans

Good Article About NBA Hotels

Shitty Guy Taking Photos of Kobe

$4 Million Piece of Paper

NBA Players on Cameo

Sue Bird Art


That Actually Happened: Andrew Maraniss Wrote a Book About Hitler’s Germany, the first Olympic Basketball Game, and So Much More

Andrew Maraniss joins Mike and Eric to talk about his new book, giving behind-the-scenes information about the stories told throughout. Andrew and the HORSE boys talk about the journey of the US team in 1936, their impact at the time., and how sports and politics were intertwined both in the past and in modern times.

And also:  The Mexico City Eagles, The Splash Zone, What’s Up Mike This Is Darius Miles, Velvet Shorts, Kids These Days, Jimmy Needles, The Nashville Bachelorettes


Andrew Maraniss is the New York Times bestselling author of STRONG INSIDE, a biography of Perry Wallace, the first African American basketball player in the Southeastern Conference, and GAMES OF DECEPTION, the true story of the first US Olympic basketball team. GAMES OF DECEPTION came out Nov. 5 and is available wherever books are sold. Follow Andrew on Twitter @trublu24.


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