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EPISODE 38: Nobility, Grit, and Strength

Full Court Press: The NBA Proposes a Mid-Season Tournament and Everyone’s Hating on James Harden

A recent report from ESPN revealed that the NBA is considering adding a mid-season tournament in the near future. The question becomes how to incentivize the players to care, and The Ringer's Bill Simmons has a great idea! Then, the HORSE boys discuss the perplexity of everyone loving Luka but simultaneously hating James Harden.

Woj & Lowe Report on Tournament

3-on-3: Three Rule Changes That Shaped the NBA and Three Rules We Can’t Believe Had to Be Rules

Like any good sport (i.e. not Quidditch) basketball's rules have been adapted over time to improve the game. Eric delves into the history books to find the most helpful rule changes, as well as those that shockingly needed to be added. Thankfully, there is still no rule that says a dog can't play basketball.

Rule Change History

The Reggie Miller Rule

Wilt Chamberlain was WILD.


That Actually Happened: BrooklyKnight Was the Nets Mascot for a Terrifying Two Years

In 2012, the New Jersey Nets relocated to Brooklyn and underwent an entire rebrand, mascot included. They teamed up with Marvel to make a superhero to represent the team and the borough. What was produced was pure nightmare fuel and though it only lasted for two years, that was two years too many. Mike's been cooking this one up for a while, so get ready.

Unveiling Gallery

Video of his terrifying descent

His fucking VAN

BrooklyKnight Getting Ball Stuck in Hoop

And also:  Bill Simmons Did Something Good, No Blood No Foul No Time Out, Mark-Steve, Sneaking Cliff Bars into a Music Festival, You Want To Know How I Got These Scars, Mavs Man Walked So BrooklyKnight Could Run



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