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EPISODE 84: Hello! I Would Like to Play Basketball (Basketball 101)



Full Court Press: The WNBA Playoffs Are Upon Us

The W's playoffs are soon approaching and if you weren't already aware, they are structured in a way that produces copious amounts of drama. And this year in particular, there are 5 legitimate contenders! It's stellar!

Kawhi in Drake's video


Basketball 101: The Complete History of NBA Rule Changes

The HORSE Boys present a basketball history lesson that appeals to every type of HORSE listener. Schubes and Adam talk about the origins of basketball and every major rule change over the 75 years of the NBA. Along the way, they explain all the rules and associated terminology, so if you've ever felt confused during an episode, you will be left out no more! We cover all our bases (but bases are a baseball thing, not a basketball thing).

The Mikan Drill

Reggie Miller "Buzzer Beater"

Baron Davis Buzzer Beater

And also: Torontonians, Boyz II Men, Dr. Teal's Body Wash, Pavlovian Responses, 69 Million Downloads (Nice), Mincemeat, Phoenix Mercury In Retrograde, Celestial Bodies, The Mikan Drill, 4 Point Threes, New Coke, Ample Hooves, Soothing Little Bird


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