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EPISODE 91: The Big Short(stop)
w/ Alex Bazeley & Bobby Wagner 



Full Court Press: NBA Covid Issues, Trade Deadline Talk & Steph Curry’s Record Breaking Three (bang)

We recorded this one early in the week, and things only got worse. GET VAXXED AND BOOSTED!!!!!

HORSE Live Show!


An Interview With: Alex Bazeley and Bobby Wagner of Tipping Pitches

The NBA has had 4 major work stoppages in the past. The MLB is currently under a lockout. The special boys from Tipping Pitches join the HORSE boys to talk about why lockouts happen and mainly, why billionaires suck and shouldn't exist.

And also: Frankincense And Myrrh, Vaccination Hesitation, Boosty Boosts, The Impossible Vaccine, Sad Bird Noises, Very Special Boys, CBA ABC’s, Succession War Rooms, The Larry Bird Exception, Byzantine, Conglomerates, Salary Floor, No Cap, Lefty Baseball Twitter   


The Recount:  Sticking to just sports in 2021 is impossible. Sports don’t just affect our culture but drive our culture, which is why LZ Granderson & Will Leitch bring you a brand new, not just any old sports podcast: “The Long Game with LZ & Leitch.” “The Long Game with LZ & Leitch" dives into the most important topics that are at the intersection of sports, business, politics, and culture. New episodes are out every Wednesday!

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