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EPISODE 90: Your Bang Genuinely Surprised Me 



Full Court Press: The Vomit Game, Dream Team Updates & Warriors/Suns Domination

There was quite the courtside calamity at a recent King's game, and it was almost as gross as Adam's start to his fantasy hoops season! On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Warriors and Suns are GOOD AT BASKETBALL.

Vomit Breakdown Video (vomit at end)


Player Reactions Thread (no vomit)

Baxter Holmes Outside the Lines Interview

Baron Davis Calls out Sarver


3-on-3:  The Three Least/Most Dramatic Kardashian/Jenner & NBA Player Relationships

When a family whose entire life is about drama crosses paths with the NBA, the drama only multiplies. Adam covers the most and least dramatic KJ/NBA relationships, but even the "least" dramatic are MAD DRAMATIC.

That Actually Happened: A College Basketball Team Played 3 On 5 And Almost Won

Just gonna hit you with some quick math, 3 < 5. This inequality did not affect Collin Sexton and his teammates, however. Schubes recaps one of the most absurdly even games despite supremely lopsided odds.

Article About the Game

Collin's Smirk

Collin's Article

Game Highlights

And also: The Circle of Patreon, Dr. Strangelove, Jomboy, Pretty Wobbly Character, Anthony Anderson, The Oubre Oeuvre, Ray J, PJ’s In PJ’s, Eggplant Emojis, KJNBA, Francisca Smith, Lamb Vindaloo & Rogan Josh, A Naan-Issue, 72 Days, Kim’s Fairytale Wedding, Kardashian Kool-Aid, The Love Ranch, Aaron Carter, Roll Tide, Amir Coffey (A Mere Coffee), 1 2 Zone, Derek Jeter   


The Recount:  Sticking to just sports in 2021 is impossible. Sports don’t just affect our culture but drive our culture, which is why LZ Granderson & Will Leitch bring you a brand new, not just any old sports podcast: “The Long Game with LZ & Leitch.” “The Long Game with LZ & Leitch" dives into the most important topics that are at the intersection of sports, business, politics, and culture. New episodes are out every Wednesday!

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