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EPISODE 89: I Am A 66.7% Shooter At Madison Square Garden



Full Court Press: Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver Is The Worst & The Staples Center Gets A New Name

ESPN's Baxter Holmes released a bombshell article that contains testimonies of many current and former Suns employees speaking out about the toxic work environment fostered by their owner. The HORSE Boys discuss this as well as the atrocious new name of the building formerly known as the The Staples Center.

CP3 Fakes out Anthony Edwards


ESPN's Article about Robert Server

Baxter Holmes Outside the Lines Interview

Baron Davis Calls out Sarver


That Actually Happened: Adam Won A Skills Competition At Madison Square Garden

MAMAWALA FOR 3... YES!!! Adam attended a Knicks game and won a competition on the court during a timeout in the 3rd quarter. He shares his firsthand (and wild in the best way) experience!

Adam winning the MSG Skills Contest!

LeBron Celebration Adam Mimicked

3-on-3:  The Three Times Pickup Basketball Scuffles Were And Weren’t Schubes’ Fault

Through the many episodes of HORSE, Schubes has not been shy about his penchant for trash talking while playing basketball. To set the record straight and share the full version of stories that have been eluded to, he shares times backlash was warranted and times it wasn't.

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