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EPISODE 88: You Work for ESPN. Do You Like Sports?
w/ Sarah Spain



Full Court Press: The NBA Health Insurance Fraud Scheme & Early Season NBA Action

The Knicks and the Bulls are both good? What? Retired NBA players ran an insurance fraud scheme to take money from the NBA?! WHAT?! The HORSE Boys catch you up to speed on these wild occurrences. 

NBA Fraud Ring


An Interview With: Sarah Spain- ESPN Television Personality/Radio Host, Journalist & Chicago Sports Fanatic

Look we're just gonna be real here: this is the best interview we've ever had on the podcast. Sarah is both insightful and hilarious and this conversation ranges from her fandom to her playing days to her career in sports journalism to women's leagues gaining respect and beyond. You won't want to miss this one.

Frozen Moment MJ Commercial

And also: Bing Bong, Disc Golf, NBA2K11, A Big Ole Plate Of Crow, Glue Gals, NBA Inside Stuff, Jerry Stackhouse’s Middle Finger, Reply Guys, WNBA Kicks & Fits, Lit Tailgates


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