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EPISODE 87: Let Me Explain Why You’re Wrong
(2021-22 NBA Drama Draft)



Full Court Press: The Chicago Sky Win The WNBA Finals & The NBA Season Begins

Candace Parker went back to her hometown with the goal of winning a ring for her city, AND SHE DID IT! The HORSE Boys discuss the Sky's historic playoff run before getting into some NBA season-opening news.

Knicks fans going wild after Game 1 win


The 2021-2022 NBA Drama Draft: Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons and Much More

It's that time of year. The time Adam and Schubes draft and discuss the teams they believe will have the most drama this NBA season. To keep it extra spicy, we made the picks 100% live!

Giannis' new jumper

More Giannis jumper

And also: Spiciness, Disc Golf Tournaments, IHOP Pancakes, Past Mike, Ted Lasso, Russell Westbrick, The Staten Island Nets, Shit Or Get Off The Pot Mode, Newdonis Haslem, Erick Dampier, Slidey Room, No Poisoning Allowed and @WhyHorseHoopsGotBanned


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