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EPISODE 86: Hold On to Your Bowler Hats!



Full Court Press: The WNBA Playoffs & More NBA Vaccine Drama

Diana Taurasi is dropping shots all over the court. A small subset of NBA players are dropping the ball by NOT getting shots. The HORSE Boys cover the good and the bad here.


That Actually Happened: The Inspiring Story of High School Phenom Hansel Emmanuel

Few people personify the never-quit attitude more than Hansel Emmanuel, a basketball prospect who only has one arm. Adam shares the story of Hansel's incredible journey.

Jim Abbot's hit

Zach Hodskins highlights

Hodskins Ballislife video

Emmanuel's IG account

Emmanuel Highlights

Hodskins/Emmanuel playing together

3-on-3: The Three Longest Games and Three Biggest Blowouts in NBA History 

Sometimes you attend a game and it's a one-sided affair. Other times, the teams are neck and neck down the wire. Schubes covers the most extreme examples of these types of games.

Gail Goodrich's Basketball Reference Page

Sonics vs. Bucks Footage

And also: GOAT Tendencies, LeBron’s Hairline Doctor, Bath Salts, HelloFace, Apples and Washing Machines, Arm Motions, Beisbol, Obscure Relief Pitchers, HORSE Staples Vs. Horse Stables, Sick Unibrows, The Anderson .Paakers, Too Much Phonics, Old White Guy Names, Garnishes


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