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EPISODE 93: Let’s Handle This Like Men…On Instagram



Full Court Press: Knicks Make A Trade, Bulls Go On A Winning Streak, And Devin Booker Beefs With A Raptor

In a rare moment of overcoming the HORSE recording curse, Schubes and Adam recap the recent happenings in the NBA including a spicy trade, a spicier winning streak, and the spiciest of beefs!

HORSE Live Show!

Devin Booker vs. The Raptor

Tommy Lasorda vs. Youppi

3-on-3: The Three Best Second Round Draft Picks/Undrafted Players In NBA History

Our society is sleeping on a lot of great things. Kim Petras, peanut butter and jelly oatmeal, this podcast... but the NBA sleeps on players in the draft. Adam recaps the most slept-on players in NBA draft history.

Draymond Green names all the players drafted before him

Arenas gun story via HORSE (starting at 36:30)

Arenas highlights

Blood in the Garden (Knicks Book)

John Starks dunks on the Bulls


Fred Van Vleet is TOUGH

Ben Wallace HOF Acceptance Speech

That Actually Happened: The Chicago Bulls Saga Of The Three Alphas

You should never give yourself a nickname. And under no circumstances should you ever give yourself a nickname that plays on your faults and then immediately fall victim to those faults. Mike recounts the 3 Alphas.

Nick Friedell and Zach Lowe discuss the Three Alphas

And also: Saddles And Such, Hibiscus, The Tea Memorial Locker Room, Jansport Backpacks, Dancingly Yours, Basketballroom, Youppi, Safeway, Schubes’ Bad Boy Phase, Bet On Yourself Fred, Dad Strength, Variabulls, Players Only Meetings, Conch Shells, Bull Horns, Camming And Slamming 



The Recount:  Sticking to just sports in 2021 is impossible. Sports don’t just affect our culture but drive our culture, which is why LZ Granderson & Will Leitch bring you a brand new, not just any old sports podcast: “The Long Game with LZ & Leitch.” “The Long Game with LZ & Leitch" dives into the most important topics that are at the intersection of sports, business, politics, and culture. New episodes are out every Wednesday!

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