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EPISODE 94: Something Being Difficult Has Never Really Stopped Me (w/ Chris Herring)



Full Court Press: Grayson Allen is a Punk, James Harden is Grumpy, and Sue Bird Will Play One More Season!

Bad news followed by medium news followed by INCREDIBLE NEWS. The HORSE Boys hit the full spectrum of basketball updates in this FCP.

HORSE Live Show!

Isabel’s Team Songs Playlist

Grayson Allen Tripping People

Grayson Allen Foul

An Interview With: Chris Herring, Sports Illustrated Writer and Author of Blood In The Garden: The Flagrant History Of 1990s New York Knicks

Chris Herring of Sports Illustrated joins the show to discuss his new book, Blood in the Garden: the Flagrant History of the 1990s New York Knicks. He talks about writing the book, what the NBA was like back then, and so much more. This interview is easily one of the best in HORSE history. We hope you enjoy it! 

Boys Among Men, Book by Jonathan Abrams


Xavier McDaniel vs MJ

Blood In The Garden Trailer


Buy Chris' Book!

And also: Vegemite, WNBA Hoodies, CAPS LOCK, Alex Caruso’s Shiny Head, Grumpy 32-Year-Olds, Schubes’ Inner Fanboy,  LinkedIn, Spike Lee, Lakers Are Old As F**k, Kevin Durant’s Unnecessarily Big Shoes



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