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EPISODE 96: We Don’t Need To See DJ Khaled



Full Court Press: NBA All-Star Weekend & WNBA Free Agency

All Star Weekend - mild with a hint of spice at the end. WNBA Free Agency - INCREDIBLY SPICY. Get ready for a recap of the events and forecast of the 2022 WNBA season.

That Actually Happened: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Lusia Harris, The Only Woman Ever Drafted In The NBA

The late Lusia Harris was not only the first woman to be drafted by an NBA team, but also the first of many other incredible accomplishments. Adam shares her incredible life story.

Documentary Link

ESPN Feature of Lusia


3-on-3: The Three Most Even And Uneven Trades In NBA History

The recent Harden/Simmons trade could be a win-win situation. Sometimes that's the case, other times... it can get ugly for one team. Schubes discusses the win-wins and win-woofs in NBA trade history. 

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