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EPISODE 97: Six Degrees Of Rajon Rondo



Full Court Press: Dream Team Update, Brittney Griner Detained In Russia & The NY Liberty Plane Fiasco

Sure fantasy basketball has been a rollercoaster for the HORSE Boys and the NY Liberty got hit with a record-breaking fine, but our focus is on the WNBA superstar stuck in a scary situation abroad. Hoping for a safe return.

Article on Brittney's Situation

3-on-3: The Three Greatest 0.4 Second And Under Buzzer Beaters & The Greatest Under 6’3 Posterizations In NBA History

Inspired by jaw-dropping Ja Morant plays of late, Adam takes us through some of the most exciting plays in NBA history. These will make you want to jump out of your seat, WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T DO IF YOU'RE DRIVING.

Trent Tucker buzzer beater-
Ja Morant buzzer beater-
David Lee buzzer beater-
Derek Fisher buzzer beater-
Robert Pack dunk on Kemp-
Nuggets upset Sonics-
Morant dunk on Poeltl-
T-Mac on Bradley-
VC Olympic Dunk-
Baron Davis dunk-
Joakim Noah Insults Cleveland-
Joakim Noah ASG commercial-
Ja Morant missed dunks-


That Actually Happened: “I’m Trying, Jennifer”- The CJ McCollum Story

A sassy twitter reply turned into a heartwarming story and then a catchphrase. You truly love to see it.


The Original Tweet

Royce Young's Interview Question

CJ Meets Jennifer

And also: Stu Bird, Bean Boots, Rice Rice, Michael Schubert Memorial Bathroom, Ergonomic Toilet Seats, Jamaican Bobsledders, WNBA Fantasy, Hashish Oil, Net Jet/Jet Jet/Met Jet, Ja Morant Appreciation, The Trent Tucker Rule, The Valley-Oop, Noted A**hole Karl Malone, Josh Beckett’s Stupid Goatie, St Louis Is Boring, Wordle/Poeltl, Knicks Legend Frédéric Weis, Kevin Bacon, Ring Chasing


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