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EPISODE 12 : The St. Louis Ballsmen



Full Court Press: Victor Oladipo's Sexy R&B Album and Sleepy LeBron


Victor Oladipo is good at basketball and decent at singing, but he might be very bad at lovemaking. Oladipo dropped an R&B album, V.O., that's all about lovemaking, though he seems confused as to how that works. LeBron James hits peak relatability by tweeting about falling asleep unexpectedly. Society will never feel closer to King James. 

That Actually Happened: Victor, the Wrestling Bear and Popular Halftime Show

Would you believe that the most accurate detail in Will Ferrell's Semi-Pro was the bear wrestling halftime show? Well pick your jaw up from the floor and listen in, because it is! Eric shares the story of a bear who held claim to 50,000 wins and just one tie. 

"Hey Spider-Dude, do a flip!"

Macho Man Randy Savage in Spider-Man

"Hey buddy, I think you lost this!"

3 on 3: Three Slow-Start Rookies Who Blossomed and Good Rookies Who Burned Out

Mike is fired up because the Internet is being mean to young NBA players like his French friend, Frank Ntilikina. He tells the tales of three rookies who started off cold and became legends and  three who started strong and fizzled out to teach NBA fans to never judge a book (player) by its cover (first years in the NBA). 

And also:  Xtreme Xanukkah, Amanda McLoughlin: Queens Expert, "Hey Spiderdude, Do a Flip!", The Better Business Bear-eau, The Rascal Flats, The Sonic (the Hedgehog) Boom, The Hercules Zero to Hero Awards, Little Donny Nelson

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