EPISODE 13 : Young Men Being Nice to Each Other



Full Court Press: Which Brooks is Which, NBA Refs Need to Get Off Twitter, and Good Guy Jimmy Butler


A trade fell apart because two teams disagreed on which player with the last name "Brooks" was involved, the NBA referees entered the domain of the millennial (Twitter) and got roasted, and Jimmy Butler brought joy to our hearts by standing pu for his underappreciated rookie teammate. 

C/H/Xanukkah Bop

Kristaps Funko Pop looks nothing like him

Jimmy Butler is very nice to Landry Shamet

3 on 3: Three Best and Worst Acting Roles for Basketball Players

When NBA players aren't trying to become rappers, they are trying to become actors. Some succeed, but others find themselves in contention for Razzies rather than Oscars. The worst roles highlighted in this segment all have a theme, which is Eric's nickname from Episode 2. 

LeBron in Trainwreck

Steel Trailer


That Actually Happened: Schubes’ Paris Basketball Stories

Mike was fortunate enough to work in Paris, France for 6 months. Of course, he played basketball while he was there and of course, he got yelled at many different times by French people for being too intense. Sacré Bleu!

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