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EPISODE 20 : The Danish Horse



Full Horse Press: Three Pieces of Horse Racing News


Injuries are never fun, especially when they happen to some beloved horses who just want to run fast and win races. Mike and Eric talk an injury setback, but lighten the mood by covering a horse set to soon recover from injury. For the cherry on top, our HORSE boys gush over history made at the Sunland Derby.

Win, Place, Show: The Three Best and Three Worst Names for Horses

When rich people get to name things, the results can either be incredible or incredibly tragic. Eric lays out the best and the worst horse names in history, and he uses audio clips of the announcing calls to really drive home his arguments.

That Actually Horsed:  The Tale of Two Heroic Horses

Aimé Tschiffely was a man with a plan: ride on horseback from Buenos Aires to Washington D.C. Mike tells the tale of the two horses that made Tschiffely's dream a reality. We're very excited for the future Disney adaptation.

Horse Heroes: True Stories of Amazing Horses by Kate Perry

And also:  It’s April First, The Regents Exam, Wingdings Rappers, Horse Names and AIM Screen Names, Busta Rhymes, Halloween 8, Quicksand, Nothing Is Funny About Horses, My Poster of a Busty Lady Is Neighing

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