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EPISODE 21 : Cool Cthulhu (with Andrew Lopez) 

Full Court Press: The Last Day of the Season Was Bonkers


Jamal Crawford broke the record for oldest player to score 50 points, Detroit had a 22-point comeback to stay in the playoff hunt, Paul George hit a game-winner, Mo Harkless hit a game-winner, Anthony Davis trolled New Orleans with a t-shirt, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki each scored 30 points in their final home games, and Magic Johnson shocked everyone by stepping down. GEEZ..

Magic Johnson's FORTY-THREE MINUTE impromptu press conference

3 on 3: The Three Best and Three Worst Facial Hair in NBA History

Eric can grow a beard, has done so, and it looks nice. Mike cannot grow a beard, thus he chosen not to, and he looks nice. Some NBA players had the dedication to maintaining their facial hair like Eric, resulting in luscious facial locks. Others have made egregious mistakes in thinking their "beards" look cool when they in fact look grotesque. Eric shares the tales of the best and the worst.

Phil Jackson

Chris "Birdman" Anderson

James Harden

Bill Walton

Adam Morrison

Drew Gooden

D'Angelo Russell aka Cool Cthulhu

That Actually Happened:  A Beat Reporter Talks All Things Basketball in New Orleans

Andrew Lopez of the Times Picayune is interviewed by Mike about what it was like to cover the Pelicans in such a tumultuous year for the franchise. Andrew discusses covering a star player who publicly wants to be traded, the impact of the food-based sponsors of the Pelicans, and the design elements of New Orleans' jerseys and court.

Anthony Davis' "That's All Folks!" Shirt

And also:  You Don’t Have to Tweet, Birdman & Goldblum,, Menchies, Give Donuts a New Home, Beez, BEES, Bees?

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