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EPISODE 22 : Dame Judi Dench Time

Full Court Press: Who To Root For In the 2nd Round of the Playoffs

Much like a superhero film, The NBA Playoffs are filled with drama and suspense. But for newer NBA fans, it can be tricky to determine who to root for! Have no fear, the HORSE boys are here to show you which teams you should support so that you can rest easy at night knowing you didn't root for the enemy by mistake.

Jimmy Butler's Pre-Game Routine

That Actually Happened:  Did Aaron Carter Actually Beat Shaq?

Aaron Carter made a boisterous proclomation in 2000 that he defeated NBA Legend, Shaquille O'Neal, in a game of one-on-one. Eric unleashes his inner Sarah Koenig to investigate the validity of these claims and answer three pressing questions: 1) Did he beat Shaq? 2) What was the score? 3) Did it actually happen?

The Music Video


3 on 3: The Three Funniest and Three Pettiest NBA Press Conferences

When the buzzer sounds and the game has come to a close, emotions are at an all-time high for the players. What better time to shove a microphone in their face and ask them about how they could've performed better? Mike shares the story of the ebst and pettiest press conferences. Get your steak ready, because we're about to get covered in salt.

Draymond Green Goes E-40

Russell Westbrook Says Everyone is Trippin'

Shaq Doesn't Give a Shit

Russ Says He Doesn't Like Barry

LeBron Storms Out

Allen Iverson Asks About Practice

And also:  A Series of Grumpy Men, This Week On Serial, Making Fun of Aaron Carter to His Face, Mike’s Shower Press Conference, Properly Mixing Shaq’s Voice

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