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EPISODE 23 : Glacier Freeze & Cascade Crash

Full Court Press: Eric Is Mad About the Celtics and Tyronn Lue’s Lakers Birthday Cake

Eric's favorite team collapsed in the playoffs, so he vents his frustrations to the world. Then the HORSE boys discuss the absurdity that is the Lakers' hunt for a new coach, featuring an ill-designed cake.

The Lakers Cake

3 on 3: The Three Best and Worst Disney Channel Original Movies That Involve Basketball

Disney Channel Original Movies are either phenomenal or hot garbage, which works perfectly for this segment! Even more perfectly, there are six that deal with basketball. Eric takes us through the best and the worst, nearly crushing Mike's Wildcat spirit along the way.


Dreidel Dreidel, Dreidel Dreidel

That Actually Happened:  Klay Thompson Was Interviewed On Local News About Scaffolding

Klay Thompson is a man of the people. This was never made more clear than the time he was stopped by a local news reporter who had no idea who he was and interviewed about scaffolding. Mike first shares this absurd story, and then takes Eric down a rabbit hole of Klay Thompson's best moments captured on film.

Klay Discusses Scaffolding

Klay on Why He  Reads the Newspaper Before Games

Klay Looks for Sustainable Dog Parks for Rocco

Klay Thompson, Harry Potter Enthusiast

Klay Thompson Smacks Gatorade Bottle

And also:  Chang Chang Changity Change-a-bop, Boys… They’re Dogs, The All-Perfect People Team, Rocco Prefers Grass, If My Feet Get Funky, I Can’t Get Dunky

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