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EPISODE 79: Hot Dogs at Halftime



Full Court Press: Chauncey Billups & The Dynamic Unduo

The Portland Trailblazers made a questionable coaching hire and then handled it in the absolute worst way possible. Two ESPN commentators made gaffs and also handled things incredibly poorly. The HORSE Boys break down all the poor decision-making here.

The Billups Case (CW: assault)


That Actually Happened: A Slow Speed Car Chase Interrupted the NBA Finals

You're watching the NBA Finals, the game is back and forth, and then all of the sudden, O.J. SIMPSON IS GETTING CHASED BY THE COPS AND THEY'RE SHOWING IT ON THE SCREEN?! Yes, that actually happened.

The Heidi Game

Finals Interrupted by OJ

Shorter Video of OJ

3-on-3: The Three Best Retro/Current NBA Playing Through Injuries Moments

Sadly, these playoffs have been littered with injuries to key players. To offset the sadness, Schubes has prepared the best tales of players persevering through physical pain to achieve great things!

Clyde saying "I call it bullshit"

Willis Reed Emerging from the Tunnel

Isiah Thomas Game (no injury shown, don't worry)

Westbrook's Dented Head (CW: dented head)

Kobe Hits the Free Throws (no injury shown, don't worry)

NBA 50 Greatest Players Ceremony

And also: Ampersands, The Dame Blame Game, The Game's Twitter, Pulitzers, Expert Prognosticators, The Heidi Game, WAY OFF, Patio Chair Walkers, Space Jam On Vinyl, Zygomatic Arches, The Miami HEAT, Selling and Propelling, The Clyde Frazier Game



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